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13.06.2012 5 Comments

Trans Lab day 11

We headed out about 9:30am from northern VT. Planning to catch rhe 4pm ferry at new london. We will be on the skirt of the rain for the 5 hour drive. Stopped for a few minutes in St Johnsberry, nice little town. Made it to new london with about 2 hrs of rain nothing major. [...]

12.06.2012 3 Comments

Trans Lab day 10

The forecast for this afternoon is wet. So we will ride out around noon and head to New Hampshire instead of Vermont. Hopefully this will help us stay in front of the rain during our ride. The White mtns of NH are great to tide so nothing lost. In the end we stayed in VT [...]

11.06.2012 6 Comments

Trans Lab day 9

Today We have decided to ride 7.5 hrs to Quebec City along the north side of the st lawrence rather than take the ferry across here. At Quebec the river is much narrower and allows for a bridge. Then on tuesday we will ride in to VT then most likely return home via new london [...]

11.06.2012 2 Comments

Trans Lab day 8

Another big one. Over 10 hrs on the bikes today. We made it from Labrador to Baie-Comeau. Just when we thought the riding cant get any worse. It did today. Very tough leaving Labrador miles of loose sandy gravel with tons of hilly switchbacks crossing rr tracks with no lights. Watch out for moose. Tried [...]

09.06.2012 4 Comments

Trans Lab day 7

Today we rode from happy valley goose bay passed churchill falls and on to labrador city! Wow what a ride. 8 hrs plus riding. Nearly 400 miles 250 on dirt. First i must say that the quiet experienced on the highway when stopped is amazing. There is no such quiet anywhere on long island. No [...]

08.06.2012 5 Comments

Trans Lab day 6

Today was glorious! Started with a mist and fog in port hope simpson at 40 degrees. Every mile on the gravel it got warmer and sunnier. ended at 65 degrees. We saw another huge bear, caribou, porcupine and artic hares. Tons of amazing rivers, loaded with 12″ brook trout. Todd would have been all over [...]

07.06.2012 9 Comments

Trans lab day 5

Cold This morning was the worst conditions yet to ride 34 degrees windy and rain but the terrain was incredible Moose and great ocean shore views with miles Of driftwood and rocks. We made the ferry and are happy to get warm. Well be in labrador in just a few hours. Throughout Newfoundland we saw [...]

06.06.2012 6 Comments

Trans Lab day 4

We here in newfoundland. Wow!! Coming off the ferry was dry and mountainous. Huge interesting shapes with big waterfalls. Very green and rugged. Rain got too crazy and 40 degrees a few hours later so We stopped for lunch grabbed a room and shower. Took a nap. Finishing dinner now. Going to do 2 hrs [...]

05.06.2012 7 Comments

Trans Lab day 3

Well its wet again but rain is light. Wind is howling about 30. Temp around 45. So far this is a very tough trip. Stacey has been a real trooper. I though it might be like this in Labrador but never expected it this early. Were eating at a subway. Have another 250 miles to [...]

04.06.2012 10 Comments

Trans Lab day 2

Its still raining!! Most of maine is a mess. Looks like it will be another rough day. We waited till 1pm to leave. Had some minor problem starting the 1200. Wet air filter. Got it solved. Headed for border now rain has been on and off so far this afternoon. Its been another long day [...]