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09.11.2010 One Comment

The road back to Malaga

We left our hotel in Algeciras early to get in a full day of riding. The boys mapped out back country roads all the way back to Malaga. Our first destination was Ronda. It was a crazy curvy ride with amazing vistas. Ronda was quite the little gem. A famous place for bull fights. The [...]

08.11.2010 2 Comments


We were actually going!! James found a great guide of the Internet. He would pick the four of us up at our hotel at 7:30 in the morning. We drove about a half an hour through the mountains lines with wind vanes. Because of the wind that blows off the sea Tarifa is known as [...]

08.11.2010 2 Comments


Thursday morning Adam had to pick up their motorcycle, so he and James “both” saddled up on James bike and rode an hour 2up to get it, then an hour back. We quickly loaded up and hit the pavement. Denise DOES NOT riding on the highways! I should probably say DID not, the scenery quickly [...]

04.11.2010 3 Comments

Boyz on Bikes

So for the next three days, Mon- Wed the boys will be picked up at the hotel at 9:30am and ride all day through the mountains of Spain. Their scenery will consist of the Sierra Nevada mountain, the mountains of Africa, the Rock of Gibraltar and the beautiful landscape of the Mediterranean Sea. Monday morning [...]

03.11.2010 2 Comments


So we are at a beautiful waterfront hotel. Gvadalpin Banus. We have parked our bikes right out front. Denise and I will be hanging out here through Wednesday while the boys go dirt biking (next post, promise) We thought about going to Morrocco today (Sunday) but again the weather was threatening. We weren’t thrilled about [...]

03.11.2010 2 Comments

Malaga to Marbella

The tourist area of malaga was quite lively on a Friday night. Clowns making balloon animals, people playing instruments. The chatter of all the local teens also filled the streets. We picked quaint restaurant in a quiet alley to have a street side dinner. There is a lot of meat in this town… Breakfast, lunch, [...]

30.10.2010 11 Comments

The route to Malaga continues

We headed out late morning for the rest of the trip to Malaga. Much of the main highway, the autopista del Mediterraneo, for the first two hours or so was not that pretty. Agricultural, but due to the dessert like terrain, there were plastic greenhouses on the right cut into the mountainside and on your [...]

29.10.2010 4 Comments

In route to Malaga

We left Valencia at daybreak to get an early start. Good thing, we had no idea just how long of a day it would be. We were supposed to stop in Alacante and Cartagena but tourists on the Internet suggested they were a waste with not much to see. We stopped at a little fishing [...]

28.10.2010 8 Comments


We ended staying in Valencia an extra day. It is the home of many renowned events, including the world cup soccer, formula 1 races and the Americas cup sailing. The pier is amazing full of beautiful sailboats. There are bicycle and running lanes all over the city. The public park is also lined with exercise [...]

27.10.2010 4 Comments

Spain on two wheels!

After a few days of getting acclimated it was time. We picked up the bikes at 10:30 in the morning. It took about an hour & 1/2 to do paperwork and reorganize our bags. I (Stacey) had quite a bit of anxiety because of the traffic and city streets. There was really no choice at [...]