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James had much site work to deal with as well as the logistics of the housing. Working on drawings and explaining the hows and whys to the crews Interior of house being finished Closet Exterior I had a spectator Ran out of paint. Tomorrows another day… Or when i get another gallon. Me and the [...]

23.01.2014 3 Comments

Back on the job (Wed)

Left the hotel in Cebu at 4am. On the drive back to relief center we saw alot more of the destruction in the Tacloban area. My job for the day was to paint the exterior of the new house next door. I had to wait for the “the purchaser” to arrive with the paint. A [...]

21.01.2014 9 Comments

2 days in Cebu

We had to make a trip to Cebu to handle a few things. It is the island just west of us, the northen coast of it was also affected by the typoon. Our flight was at 7am. The airport we flew out of in Tacloban was pretty much just a shell of a building since [...]

19.01.2014 9 Comments


James and Patrick suggested working Saturday. A couple of groans, they were planning on field service, but they 2 main crews requested agreed. The rain was SO heavy everyone showed up for work! (It turns out the past few days of rain rain is from a typhoon on Mindinao, the island just south of us. [...]

17.01.2014 4 Comments

2 Steps Forward 1 Step back (lost internet mid post. Sorry)

Wait! We already used that title!! We were excited to get going on the house next door today even though it was pouring. The foundation must be tight cause it had several inches of water in it. Poor guy The walls went up without a hitch! The older couple that lives here has been staying [...]

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Jehovahs organization is a beautiful thing. The relief brothers were debating wether or not to rebuild the KH where so much life was lost. It would have been a quick decision and certainly more cost effective to just rebuild it. Instead the loving brothers considered the feelings of all involved and called an elders meeting [...]

16.01.2014 4 Comments

Busy Day

Today was a busy day for all. No rain! The first house to be built is next door to the relief center/KH. The sister that lives there had donated this property. She has also allowed temporary housing for the workers to be built on her land. James worked there most of the day on the [...]

15.01.2014 8 Comments

Torrential Tuesday

So Tacloban was one of the first areas the super typhoon hit. There is much devestation here. We will try to show you. We are eager for our first day. At 5:30 this morn James was to go outside and start up the generator so the household could get ready. It was pitch black out. [...]

13.01.2014 13 Comments

Emotional Day (If you already read this, it wasn’t finished. We lost internet)

We went back to the site this morn to have breakfast. We were not looking forward to this. I had the morning worship comment and mentioned how peacfully we all worked together and how we are being trained for work in the New order. How even though is has only been a few week James [...]

12.01.2014 12 Comments

A CRAZY Weekend!

Saturday morn we were invited to breakfast at Brother Gitalado’s home he is a member of DRC. His daughter is home visiting from her teaching job in Korea. She insisted on having us but her only availability was 7 am. So we were picked up at 6:45. Her sister in-law, a home economics teacher, helped [...]