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26.02.2009 8 Comments

Xcalak to Belize Black Orchid

A great time at Xcalak in the Cocos de Playa resort, a small bungalow style fishing and diving resort. Stacey was able to enjoy some sunning time. I relaxed a bit and helped some with the suspension upgrade to one of the trucks. We headed out for the border first thing this morning crossing into [...]

24.02.2009 2 Comments

Calakmul Mayan Ruins to Xcalaka

After lots more driving adventure and some long days on the road, including a late night checkin into a “no tell hotel”… another story..and a great night at a beach RV park owned by two wheel chair bound American’s, we arrived at Calakmul. When leaving the highway and entering the preserve you pay a fee [...]

21.02.2009 One Comment


Some great travel and towns, but weve been putting on a lot of miles to get to the Yucatan. Last night we stayed in Teotehuacan and this morning visited the pyramids and ruins of the Aztec’s. Very interesting. Very high. We climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the sun, the view was incredible. [...]

18.02.2009 4 Comments

Mazatlan to Tequila to Guanajuato

We have covered alot of terrain as you can see in our spot track. The driving is spectacular. Mountains, Deserts, Forest even an old lava flow. WE really liked Mazatlan beach front campin on the Pacific, very cosmopolitan city. Tequila is a fairly typical Mexican city very busy, not super clean. We found a small [...]

16.02.2009 4 Comments

Alamos to El Fuerte to Mazatlan

Hi all. internet access has been limited last day or two. we had a fantastic overland (offroad) journey yesterday from Alamos to El Fuerte. All sorts of amazing views great farms and little villages. We were speaking with one lady in a remote village and had given her kids some candy. Out of no where [...]

13.02.2009 13 Comments

We like Mexico.!

The border crossing into Mexico at Nogales is much easier than it used to be. They want the tourism, they were very courteous and worked with us. Interesting also is that the Mexican State of Sonora has what they call a hassell free zone. Means that if you come over the border from the US [...]