Whether by 4×4, Motorcycle, boat or foot we prefer to explore the back country areas of the creation around us. Our travels have taken us to many countries by many means and most of all we enjoy engaging conversations with those of other cultures. Please enjoy the brief expressions and simple photos that profile some of our journey’s. We invite you to comment and share in our experiences. Remember God gave us a large planet, no sense in staying cooped up in the corner somewhere.

— James Roy

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09.02.2014 5 Comments

The Goodbyes (this post is not finished)

Saying goodbye is never easy.we had some very sweet sentiments we tried to capture for you. Very dear sisters from Mayorga Your browser does not support the video tag Alex Your browser does not support the video tag Bianca Your browser does not support the video tag Roldan Your browser does not support the video [...]

09.02.2014 6 Comments

Last few days

Much has been done in the days leading up to our departure. James held another safety meeting. This time food safety. Cleanliness, preparation, storage. Prevention of illness in very difficult circumstances. The houses in Mayorga are really coming along. In this photo you can see 3 of the homes. Windows & Doors I will never [...]

08.02.2014 7 Comments

Tool Box Contest

I know many have been awaiting the winners of the tool box competition. There were 7 boxes made. James made a bag of prizes. Each got to choose their own prize starting with 1st place. I also made 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals. (A hole drilled into 3 different size pesos then put on [...]

05.02.2014 4 Comments


We did not work this Sat. Everyone was excited to take us to the beach. So after breakfast everythingwas loaded up. And i mean EVERYTHING! Remember no paper products here. Forks, spoons, plates. We all piled into the back of a truck. Your browser does not support the video tag There was tons of food. [...]